Lake Rules

Special care and consideration of this lake is important as it is an environmentally sensitive lake with little of the shore line artificially held with sea walls. It is shallow and muddy to an average depth of 3-5 feet throughout.

  1. No jet skis are allowed.
  2. Maximum resident boat speed may be 10 mph and this is in the center only.
  3. Resident boat speed near the shores is to be 5 mph, NO WAKE
  4. The lake is used for swimming and for floating on inflated rafts as well. Resident power and sail boaters must practice caution at all times regarding these other lake uses.

The guidelines above have worked successfully for several decades. Responsible, considerate and careful lake use behavior is expected at all times. We “self monitor” our lake behavior. Feel free to speak to any one you see using the lake in an unsafe manner.

(passed unanimously by the members present at the annual meeting of Fairview Lake Property Owners Association, May 24, 1999)