Lowering of the Lake

A successful boating season is drawing to a close. It is that time of year again for the lake to go down.

Starting on Oct 3rd, the level will decrease slowly over a two week period with the gates fully open and water at winter depth by October 14th.

SAVE THE DATE: Please mark your calendars to attend our Annual All-Members meeting, November 3, 7:00 p.m. at Fairview City Hall. It is time to review the health of the lake, approve next year’s budget, select new board members and hear an update on Lakeshore Park and Levee Ready Columbia.

Mid Lake Social


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House for sale on the lake $600,000

House 1

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Three bedroom 2 1/2 bath 21 60 ft.².please call 503-810-4222

Fairview Lake Algae Alert Update July 15th

A potentially toxic algae bloom continues its life cycle in the lake. This is one of our annual algae blooms which might produce toxins as it decomposes. Samples taken on June 28th did not produce toxins when analyzed by the lab. The typical blue/green algae life cycle is three to five weeks and different algae strains that produce toxins could break out at any time.

We are early in our summer and can expect a second blue/green algae bloom on the lake. All users of the lake should be cautious with water activities when the bloom occurs. During an algae bloom, lake residents are encouraged to keep children and pets out of the water. Adults should refrain from swimming to avoid eye irritation and/or intestinal illness. Boating and fishing are safe currently.

For now, be alert with water activity, especially children and pets. If an algae turns toxic we won’t know until after it happens.

Fairview Lake Property Owners Assn
Bob Dolphin 503-666-8621
Anthony DeSimone


25′ Aqua Patio, 2007, passenger capacity 14, with trailer and new canvas. New 2015 Suzuki 9.9hp engine.
Asking $18,500.

Pontoon Boat for Sale

Lighted Boat Parade

Submitted by: Lynn Johnson

A small and colorful group lit up the lake in the moonlight on September 29th. Thanks to all participating boat owners for adding sparkle to an early fall evening. It would be great to double that number next year!

Coordinator For winter socials

Submitted by: Lynn Johnson

Bettianne Goetz has volunteered to organize our Winter Socials. Thanks Bettianne! The winter is long and it has been a lot of fun getting together once a month for a casual social. Everyone brings food and drinks to these events. The hosts provide their home and party supplies (napkins, plates etc.). If you’d like to host contact Bettianne at abgoetz@comcast.net.

Fairview Lake Macrophyte Issue

Linked below is a powerpoint presentation made by FLPOA to Columbia Slough Watershed Council on March 26, 2010.

Fairview Lake Macrophyte Proposal

Annual Meeting for all property owners

Title: Annual Meeting for all property owners
Location: Tentatively at City Hall
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-10-20
End Time: 20:00