FLOPA home party Ronnie & Jim Dick (11/7/15)

We miss everyone and need a “Lake Get-to Gather”.So, come to our house on Saturday, November 7 at about 5:00.
Jim and Ronnie Dick
21205 N.E. Shore Drive
Bring a snack to share and your own drinks.
If you would like to host a FLOPA party please let me know (Mary Flaum).   You get to pick the date and time and I’ll send out an email to the group.  It’s easy since your guest bring the food and it’s BYOB!!!!    All you need to provide is the paper products or a few plates and wine glasses.
hope to see you all soon,

Fairview Heron Pointe Community Planting Day

For further details, please copy and paste the following link to your web browser. It’s a good cause, and a great way to help out your community…


| Blue Green Algae

Bob Dolphin <bob_dolphin@msn.com>

Blue Green Algae

The city of Gresham reported potentially toxic blue green algae in Fugitsu Ponds which connects with Fairview Lake via Fairview Creek. Avoid contact with lake water that is scumy and green. Be especially careful with small children and dogs as their tolerance is lower.