PGE Power line Construction


Mark Woll <>

PGE Power line Construction

Wilson Construction will be pulling in new conductor on the West Phase of the West Power Line that runs North/South just East of NE 217th, crossing Blue Lake Road, NE Shaver Street,NE Lachenview,NE Fairview Lake Way, as well as Fairview Lake, and the Parl just North and East of NE 217th Ave. This will be taking place next Tuesday (9/15/15) Thru Saturday(9/19/15), and we will have Flaggers at each crossing. We will also have someone on the Lake Shoreline with an air horn to inform any boaters of any concerns. PGE questions can call 503-612-3730, My cell is 253-820-0148.Thank You,

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  1. avatar llbarnett831 Says:

    On another topic, has a date been set to start lowering the lake?

  2. avatar abgoetz Says:

    Is this new wiring part of the development of the new natural gas project?

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