Weed Update

bob dolphin <bob_dolphin@msn.com>

Weed Update

We have been monitoring the weed growth on the lake and noticed the introduction of the invasive curly-leafed pondweed. It has now broken the lake surface in many locations. The week of June 22nd, our consultant will be conducting a lake survey to quantify the extent of the weed growth. With this information and his advice, we will decide our next steps. If we move forward with a treatment then expect this to be done between July 6th and the 15th. Several residents have been effective in the physical removal of the weeds in the vicinity of their dock and we encourage this herbicide free activity to control weed growth. FLPOA has access to a razor rake to cut off the weed at the lake bottom and will make this tool available to our members with certain safety and liability conditions. Please contact Anthony DeSimone (flpoalakemanager@gmail.com) or Bob Dolphin (bob_dolphin@msn.com) for further information.

Here is some additional info from Texas A&M

Curly-leafed pondweed is a perennial plant that is native to Europe and gets it name from the rippled or wavy nature of its submerged leaves. The leaves are alternate, oblong 3/4 to 4 inches long and 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide. Mature leaves are toothed with a distinct midrib with paired parallel lateral veins, nearly translucent. Stems are flattened and branching. Fruits are seldom found, they reproduce from small “burr-like” vegetative structures that from a the base of some leaves. Curly-leafed pondweed can be an aggressive invader that can cover large portions of ponds.

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