Riparian Zone CodeUpdate in Fairview

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Riparian Zone CodeUpdate  in Fairview

The FLPOA board sent the following letter to the City of Fairview:

Riparan buffer

The Fairview Lake Property Owners Association requests that the City of Fairview amend the existing codes regarding riparian buffer adjacent to Fairview Lake. The existing code fails to consistently address the issues of a riparian buffer in an urban housing environment. Currently depending on when the development was platted and jurisdiction, the riparian buffer varies from zero to fifty feet adjacent to the same 105 acre lake.
Based on our research and discussions over the past months, FLPOA recommends a thirty-five foot riparian buffer. This would be consistent with the riparian buffer deed restriction on the majority of platted developments within the City of Fairview. Allowable uses/activities within the riparian buffer would be defined in two zones based on a 10/25 ft split. No permanent structures would be allowed in either zone with the ten feet adjacent to the lake dominated in native plants. Additional zone details will be defined during the code update process.
Fairview Lake is a tremendous asset for the City of Fairview including FLPOA members and needs to be protected to ensure future generations enjoy it’s rich treasures. We recommend the policy is designed to prevent erosion, support wildlife, encourage education, and allow mitigation in extreme circumstances while permitting enjoyment of this resource by property owners. We are fortunate the City of Fairview had the foresight to set aside three areas adjacent to the lake and we recommend these be maintained as natural areas. These include Lakeshore Park, Pelfrey Wetlands, and Blue Heron Shores II wetlands.
We look forward to working with you during this code update.

Bob Dolphin

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