Pontoon Boat – Winter Storage Alternative

Yesterday, a neighbor was discussing getting a new pontoon boat, and suggested something that potentially could be a great idea!

Recognizing the annual hassle of having to retrieve your boat at Lake draw down time, only to relaunch it again in the spring, here are a few ideas and website locations where some potentially helpful alternatives can be found.




The idea would focus on when our Lake is lowered for the fall and winter seasons. At that time we might be able to use a set of these devices as an alternative to pulling our boat out, and placing it in storage. This approach could be applied by using some simple attachment method to strap around the bottom (front and back) of each pontoon and storage block (see below) to hold it in place.


Now ready to nest squarely on the new storage blocks, just let your boat settle to the bottom for its winter hibernation, but with little worry about damage from bouncing caused by potential water height fluctuations, or otherwise hidden lake bottom protrusions


                Why didn’t I think that?

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