Jim Graybill retires as Chairman of the Fairview Lake Management Committee

April 12, 2015

To: FLPOA Board

Fr: Jim Graybill, Lake Manager
Chairman of the Lake Management Committee

I have been serving as the lake manager and chairman of the lake management committee since the inception of FLPOA and have decided that it is time for me to resign and pass along the responsibilities to someone else. The FLPOA Board recently approved Anthony DeSimone as the new Lake Manager and I fully approve. He is passionate about maintaining the health of the lake for us and for the groups downstream. He can be reached at: FLPOALakeManager@gmail.net.

I would like to thank the many, many of you that supported my efforts to maintain the lake for esthetics, recreation, and wildlife. Fairview Lake property owners have been blessed with outstanding presidents and boards, and are still blessed to have great people serving our littoral owners. My thanks to the many of you that helped pull weeds, scrape the bottom, move logs, and improve habitat for turtles. Special thanks goes to Carl Marking for the numerous times he traveled around the lake with me looking for weeds, raking them out and just being a huge help. I have enjoyed working with the City of Fairview, MCDD, and the many friends in the Columbia Slough Watershed Council. I am sure that FLPOA will continue to have a great partnership with every one influenced by Fairview Lake.

Thanks again for everyone’s help. I really appreciate it.

Jim Graybill

3 Responses to “Jim Graybill retires as Chairman of the Fairview Lake Management Committee”

  1. avatar abgoetz Says:

    Jim, you and your expertise will be missed! Thank you for the scientific leadership you have offered to FLPOA all these many, many years. Your quiet, knowledgeable style was just what we needed. It has been a pleasure working with you from the beginning of FLPOA and watching the lake develop into the wonderful environment that we all enjoy today. You have certainly done your part!! Thank you.

  2. avatar James Graybill Says:

    Thank you Bettianne and Al for those kind words. It was always a pleasure working with great leaders like yourselves.

  3. avatar James Graybill Says:

    I have to make a correction to my letter of resignation: Anthony DeSimone can be reached at FLPOALakeManager@gmail.com not .net. Sorry.


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