House on lake soon to be for sale

Thomas & Bonnie Kopp <>

House on lake soon to be for sale

Hi FLPOA neighbors,

We wanted to let you all know that we are planning to move to Atlanta, GA.  Therefore, our house (3623 NE 217th Avenue, on the east end of the Lake) will be going up for sale and will likely be posted on May 1.  Some of you may have family or friends who may be interested in seeing the house, so if they’d like to get in on a head start, have them get in touch with Lisa Allison, our Real Estate Broker from West One Properties.  She can be contacted at phone number 503-706-1481 or through the email address at


Tom and Bonnie Kopp
(T) 503-459-6536; (B) 503-459-6891

Jim Graybill retires as Chairman of the Fairview Lake Management Committee

April 12, 2015

To: FLPOA Board

Fr: Jim Graybill, Lake Manager
Chairman of the Lake Management Committee

I have been serving as the lake manager and chairman of the lake management committee since the inception of FLPOA and have decided that it is time for me to resign and pass along the responsibilities to someone else. The FLPOA Board recently approved Anthony DeSimone as the new Lake Manager and I fully approve. He is passionate about maintaining the health of the lake for us and for the groups downstream. He can be reached at:

I would like to thank the many, many of you that supported my efforts to maintain the lake for esthetics, recreation, and wildlife. Fairview Lake property owners have been blessed with outstanding presidents and boards, and are still blessed to have great people serving our littoral owners. My thanks to the many of you that helped pull weeds, scrape the bottom, move logs, and improve habitat for turtles. Special thanks goes to Carl Marking for the numerous times he traveled around the lake with me looking for weeds, raking them out and just being a huge help. I have enjoyed working with the City of Fairview, MCDD, and the many friends in the Columbia Slough Watershed Council. I am sure that FLPOA will continue to have a great partnership with every one influenced by Fairview Lake.

Thanks again for everyone’s help. I really appreciate it.

Jim Graybill

A question about “Wood Ducks”

Photo’s by: Penny Myers


That is a duck, right? And ducks nest in bird houses attached to trees? I learn something new every day. And I am an old codger! Did everyone else know that fact about ducks except me? Don Barnhisel


Thanks for your question Don. These little guys are called “Wood Ducks”, the males are very colorful and along with their female partners can often be seen landing in the trees. During breeding season they are attracted to these nesting boxes where they bring forth lots of little ones for us to enjoy each year.

To answer the rest of your question, wood ducks are the only resident waterfowl species that we know to present this type of behavior. All the rest, including Mallards, coots, cormorants and Canadian geese, choose to nest on the ground. The only drawback to that is our dog “Gizmo” will often find a nest with fresh eggs, and proudly bring one in the house to show us…

Isn’t it cool to have all of this in our own backyards?

Fairview Lake Wood Ducks

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Turtle Habitat Information

bob dolphin <>

Turtle Habitat Information

A friend forwarded this link to a recent Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife article about Guidance for Conserving Oregon’s Native Turtles. I thought I would pass it along as we have some turtles on our lake and possibly FLPOA could implement some of the recommendations. Any volunteers to start a “Save Turtle Town Group”?