Riparian Question

Rick and Beth Parrish <>

50′ ft. riparian setback on Fairview lake, new ordiance?

Hello, has anyone received information from the City of Fairview about a change to the riparian setback on our properties changing from 35 to 50′? Thanks, Rick and Beth Parrish

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  1. avatar Mark and Penny Myers Says:

    It’s news to us Rick. We’ll ask around and see if there’s any other feedback…

  2. avatar Rick Parrish Says:

    Thank you, the City of Fairview has the new 50′ Riparian on their website as FMC 19.106.060 and has sent us correspondence telling us that our property deed which states 35ft. is in error, and telling what we can plant in that 50ft. I have spoken with Lynnia Woods Pelfrey and she had not heard of it or any public input about a lake riparian change.I was told at the Tuttles hearing that the 35′ Riparian exception was not legal or valid in the city of Fairview.
    We would appreciate hearing any and all comments. Our
    Correspondence is available for review by all.

  3. avatar Rick Parrish Says:

    Mark and Penny Myers, Is there any way my question about the 50′ Riparian Setback by City of Fairview can be posted to all members emails. Thanks, Rick and Beth Parrish or

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