Worrysome Weed Wright-up…

Bob Dolphin,

Spring Aquatic Weed Survey

The area around the west shore of the lake was checked for weeds on May 31st. Survey stated at Osburn Creek going west and finished near park along Interlachen. Process used a rake on a ten foot pole and pulled it five feet or so noting a lot of hair algae in most places. There is also pond weed, Elodea and coontail in small amounts. Way more lily pads were observed than we would like to see. They were found along the shore in the NW corner of the dam up to the boat launch. The area that Anthony cleaned last year looked pretty good. Also observed some of the largest carp ever seen in the lake.

Saturday morning, June 7, Carl Marking and Jim Graybill sampled around the lake starting at the east end between the islands where we found a few of the usual weeds: sago pondweed, Elodea, and coontail. We then went to the east canal and found nothing but some hair algae. South of there, we found a few plants in the east bay and a few downstream of Fairview Creek. A few more were found before you get to Osburn Creek. We went to the middle of the lake and found none. From the middle we went to the NW shore, just east of the corner and proceeded east back to Carl’s house. We found a few more plants along the north shore.

We sampled by pulling a garden rake five feet or so and used an underwater camera. The total volume of plants collected for the trip might be a pint to a quart for 30+ sample sights. There is a lot of hair algae everywhere. As far as weeds go I’d say there are not nearly enough at this point to warrant a treatment. Yes, the plants will grow taller and hit the surface in the next couple of weeks, but I don’t think it will get too bad (that depends on your definition of too bad).

Plan is to recheck in two weeks or so.

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