Fisherman in riparian (bird habitat) space?

Tom Kopp <>

Just a question for someone. Living at the east end of the lake, I am on the same street as the park that has a dock in the channel. There is also a fence around the park to keep people out of the wildlife/bird habitat/sanctuary between the park and the lake. A good thing, since more of the banks keep falling away into the lake each year – this year being no exception, as I’ve noticed in paddling around in my kayak. And as I’ve been out in the kayak, I’ve noticed a fisherman out in the weeds where the other creek enters the lake (can’t think of the name of that creek, but it is by the park on the south side of the lake). He has been out there several days, complete with umbrella, chair, and several fishing rods. Do we want that? Is it allowed? He is out there trampling the grasses down, hopefully not leaving any trash. I understood that area to also be a wetland bird sanctuary and seeing at least three geese ‘couples’ with their goslings this year, I wonder about all!
owing fishermen to trample their way out in that spot to the lake’s edge for fishing. Just wondering, and not knowing if something should be done about it, especially when we keep losing more of our banks each year into the lake. Thanks for considering this.

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  1. avatar bob dolphin Says:

    The site where Osborne Creek enters Fairview Lake is privately owned. We have alerted the owners to the use of this property for fishing. The site at Lakeshore park is publicly owned and has been designated a natural area by the City of Fairview and access restricted. Hope this helps.

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