Dog in Distress Update

The recently reported sick dog was due to something the dog ingested and not from swimming in Fairview Lake per the vet.

Reports from the Vet are that the dog will be fine.

Dog in Distress

Submitted by: Tom Burns

A dog entered the water near Welsh Park last night. He is at the vet in distress this morning. Blood work being done. If your dog goes in the water, hose them off ASAP as the dog can lick it’s fur. Will keep you posted as we know more.

Blue green update

Our consultant, Stan Geiger, just found some very recent information regarding Anabaena spiroides that suggests that it may also, under certain conditions, form toxins. So be advised, we are doing commercial labs tests for toxins at this time and you should keep pets and children from the water and be careful about ingesting any lake water.

Jim Graybill, Lake manager.

Non-toxic Blue Green

Over the past weekend we experienced an algal bloom in Fairview Lake thought to be a blue-green (Cyanobacteria). This was confirmed by Stan Geiger, an independent aquatic plant biologist for many years. The algae was indentified as Anabaena spiroides, a species that DOES NOT break down into toxins. So currently all lake activities are considered safe.

Jim Graybill, Lake manager

Status of the weeds

I surveyed the weed situation in most of the lake on Monday, July 1. I found predominately Sago Pondweed near the shoreline in the shallow waters. It seemed to be absent in deeper water. The plants were most abundant near the mouth of Osburn Creek which was not treated last year. Sago pondweed was present early in the summer last year before our treatment. Elodea would be the next plant to show in the middle of the summer, but very, very little of it was seen. Coontail, grows later in the summer and has been seen in a few places. I don’t believe that any of these plants will be numberous enough to warrent any chemical treatment this summer. If any of these plants become an issue for you around your docks, please give me a call.

Jim Graybill

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