Update on the algae condition on Fairview Lake

Submitted by: Michael Johnson

We have had two sets of testing performed on the blue-green algae in Fairview Lake. So far the results have been NO TOXINS detected in the water. Because we have not detected toxins, there have been no postings for Fairview Lake by the state board of health.

The algae bloom now appears to be starting to dissipate.

You may have seen that Blue Lake has closed their waters to swimming as a precaution. As far we know, they have not yet had their water analyzed for toxins by a lab.

Since we can’t test Fairview Lake everywhere, it would still be prudent to be cautious with your pets and children. If you have seen green scum in your area, it might be best to stay out of that area for a while longer. Boating and fishing is still OK.

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