Fairview Lake Algae Alert

A potentially toxic algae bloom is now under way, Sunday July 29th.

Until the nature of the algae is determined lake residents are encouraged to keep children and pets out of the water. Adults should refrain from swimming to avoid eye irritation and/or intestinal illness. Boating and fishing are safe currently.

This is one of our annual algae blooms. It is a blue/green algae type that might produce toxins as it decomposes. It is early in its life cycle so toxins are not suspected today. Lake water will be analyzed frequently over the next few weeks to determine if that changes. If conditions warrant, notices will be delivered, web site updated and signs posted. Additional restrictions may apply at that time.

For now, be alert with water activity, especially children and pets. If the algae turns toxic we won’t know until after it happens.

For this reason the Family Day events on the lake (Pirate Treasure Hunt, Slalom Run and Obstacle Course) scheduled for August 5th must be cancelled.

Fairview Lake Property Owners Assn
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