Lake Application to Begin


The apllication of the approved hebicide for controlling weed growth in the lake will begin on June 27th. Please keep all your animals and swimming activities out from the lake between 6:00 am on the 27th to 6:00 am on June 28th.

All motor craft should not be used between 6:00 am on the 27th (Wednesday) to 10:00 pm in the evening to give enough time for the applicator to complete his application process.

After the application for the weed control is complete the lake will than be available to be raised. The time it will take to fill up will again be based on the weather.

Please note that this is a two part application and the lake will need to be lowered and raised again after the July 4th holiday. FLPOA will let you know when the next application will uccur.

Thanks again for your patience. See you all at the July 4th boat parade.

From your friendly volunteer Anthony DeSimone

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