FLPOA Weed Control Update

From your local volunteer FLPOA member Anthony DeSimone an update with the Fairview Lake weed issues.

These comments are from my meeting I had with George Lingelbach on 02/03/21012.

1. AquaTechnix has been hired to create our pesticide management plan and to fill out the application for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. This permit is required since we are applying herbicides to the lake. Expected permit delivery date is in February sometime.
2. In December Mike Johnson and Bettianne Goetz met with Multnomah County Commissioner Diane McKeel to describe the Fairview Lake issues and to ask for her support.
3. Alan Berry from the city of Fairview met with DEQ during December and discussed general principles, plus agreed to a detailed discussion in January about our FLPOA plan.
4. Invoices were sent to FLPOA members for 2012. These include the increase in annual dues plus a special assessment for the treatment required for the lake. ($400 per house hold)
5. January 11th meeting with DEQ, City of Fairview, FLPOA and AquaTechnix discussed the specifics of FLPOA plan. The attendees indicated our research, plan and timeline were reasonable.
6. The FLPOA dues and special assessment are proceeding successfully. Over 50% invoices collected. We have enough to proceed with the first treatments.
7. FLPOA now has a second proposal for a weed control contractor to administer the treatment to the lake. Both bids are similar.
8. The board / FLPOA members will meet soon with City of Gresham and Cereghino farms to explain our plan.
9. AquaTechnix has the application ready to submit. The permit does not require approval after filing. The administering of the weed control may be applied this April if we meet all of the DEQ application requirements.
10. FLPOA will be attending a Columbia Slough Watershed Council event on February 10th to keep communications open with parties involved.
11. FLPOA is reviewing the treatment plan for the homes on the creek that is south of Fairview Lake Way.
12. The next FLPOA board meeting is February 23rd, at 6:30 pm at George Ligelbach’s house.

Summary: The permit process is moving right along as well as communicating with all parties involved. The application of the weed control into the lake will need some good timing with Mother Nature if we are to stay on schedule. Since it will be dependant on how long we can keep the lake from going over the dam due to rains.

End of comments: Please call me (Anthony DeSimone 503-912-0909 hm w/ voice mail) if you have any questions or contact your board members.

Thanks Anthony D

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