Weed machine

Submitted by: Randy Hutchinson

Word on the street is that the Board has voted 3-1 to pay the MCCD to test their weed machine in our lake at the cost of $3000.00 for eight hours of work. Apparently we don’t have any idea how much can be removed during this time but we are willing to pay $3000. TO FIND OUT.

I think the lake front owners should have a say in this. I believe that we should get a specific amount of work for the price the Board has agreed to pay, not a guess. $3000 to cut a path all around the lake is acceptable, 1/4 around the lake is not acceptable and a waste of our money.

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  1. avatar richbrott Says:

    Please see my previous comments posted in response to the August 25th update. While I am not against research and development provided we have a sound plan with measurable results, I did expect a public discussion before any action or expenditure was under taken as was indicated there would be prior to moving forward. The cost of one day’s work could easily amount to one third of our annual budget. Should not demo work be done at vendor expense?

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