Summer Left Overs

Submitted by: Penny Myers

More smoky sunrises…

Early Harvest Moon

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Lower Lake

Submitted by: Terry Loerke

The lake in it’s current condition is not seeing much boat traffic. I would like to see it lowered early this year to allow an opportunity to remove the weeds around our docks.


Annual Meeting for all property owners

Title: Annual Meeting for all property owners
Location: Tentatively at City Hall
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-10-20
End Time: 20:00

Weed Harvesting Event on Sep 8, 2011

Submitted by Jim Graybill

Harvester Machine

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The harvester was delivered to the lake on the morning of September 7. It was determined that it could not be launched at the existing boat ramp, so a temporary ramp was built by the drainage district at a vacant lot on the dam. The harvester was moved to the Columbia Slough for its trial there while the ramp was being built. This delayed the start of the weed harvesting by a day and a half. Read the rest of this entry »

Smoky Sun Rises Over Farview Lake

Submitted by: Penny Myers

Smoke from forest fire creates an unusual combination of early morning fall colors.


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Weed Harvester Demo delayed one day

Submitted by: Mike Johnson

Due to the size of the harvester, today’s demo has been delayed until Noon tomorrow (9/08/11). The MCDD is using today to build a more suitable temporary launch ramp. On the positive side, it is more likely that a complete circuit of the lake is possible.

Weed machine

Submitted by: Randy Hutchinson

Word on the street is that the Board has voted 3-1 to pay the MCCD to test their weed machine in our lake at the cost of $3000.00 for eight hours of work. Apparently we don’t have any idea how much can be removed during this time but we are willing to pay $3000. TO FIND OUT.

I think the lake front owners should have a say in this. I believe that we should get a specific amount of work for the price the Board has agreed to pay, not a guess. $3000 to cut a path all around the lake is acceptable, 1/4 around the lake is not acceptable and a waste of our money.

Weed Harvesting Demo on Wednesday Sept 7th

FLPOA and Mulnomah County Drainage District have partnered to obtain a demonstration of a commercial lake weed harvester this Wednesday Sept 7th on Fairview Lake. The machine will operate for a full work day in order to determine just how much area can be cleared in a day. The FLPOA Board has approved reimbursement to MCDD for their expenses for this one day.

Jim Graybill and Carl Marking will be setting out white poles to mark the “track” of the machine. It is hoped they will be able to complete at least one full circuit around the lake.

This is a demonstration project. We hope to have results to share later this month or during the annual landowners meeting in October.