Algea warning still in effect

Submitted by: James Graybill

The City of Fairview has just received the results of the the latest testing of Fairview Lake. Samples were collected early this week (Aug 16) and indicate that blue-green algae is still present in sufficient numbers to continue the health alert advisory for at least a few more weeks when tests will be conducted again.

Samples collected on July 27 had 180,000 cells/mL made up of 60% Anabaena and 40 Aphanizomenon, both blue green algae. The samples collected this week (Aug 16) had 170,000 cells/mL consisting of 92% Anabaena and 8% Microcystis. If you are unfamiliar with metric units, a mL (milliliter) is a cube about 3/8 of an inch on one side. Or, that’s a lot of cells in about twenty drops of water.

Boating is still OK, but best to keep pets, children and adults out of the water and rinse well if your hands do come in contact with the water.

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