Health Advisory, Avoid Water Contact

As you know, the algea is getting much worse in Fairview Lake.  The City of Fairview and I have posted signs at the public parks around the lake recommending that people and pets avoid water contact.  This will be in effect for at least this weekend until the algea can be positively identified and tests run on it, likely early next week.  Until then it is best to avoid swimming, boarding or swallowing water from the lake.  Children and pets are at greatest risk.  If you kayak, be sure to rinse off your hands when you get home.  If pets come into contact with the water, rinse them off with cold water to remove the algea from their hair and feet.  Don’t let them drink the water if at all possible.  Boating is always OK, just rinse off any body parts that get wet.

We believe that we have a blue-green algea that could cause some health issues with people and pets.  This weekend is going to be very warm and sunny and will make the situation worse.  As the algea dies it produces harmful chemicals.  The algea is just now beginning to die off and is floating at the surface.  The wind will blow this to the edges of the lake where we are more likely to come in contact with it.

The City of Fairview, DEQ, Dept. of Human Services and FLPOA are concerned and are all actively looking into this situation.  We will know more about it early next week and we will keep you posted at this website.  We’re all hoping the health advisory can be lifted soon.

Jim Graybill

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