Winter Lake Level Drop

The lake will start lowering to its winter level on October 1st.

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  1. avatar Andronikos Says:

    The weather is beautiful! What’s the big rush to lower the lake, as long as we have good weather why close in on the 1st. The heavy rains don’t “automatically” start on the Oct. 1st. Let’s change it to the 15th, we have such a short season anyway.
    Keeping it open for another couple of weeks at this time of year should not create a flooding problem.
    We have weeks in the summer months where we get about the same amount of rainfall that we would most likely get in the additional 2 weekends that Iam suggesting in keep the lake up.
    It was discussed changing the date at the last FLOPA meeting.
    If others feel as I do please comment.
    Alexandra “Alex”

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