Blue Green Algae Update

Following an acceptable laboratory analysis for potential toxins produced by this group of algae on Monday July 16th, no health advisory is required. The blue-green algae continue to thrive and with the extended projected heat wave, we anticipate it will linger into August. Continue to avoid green water and mats of algae.

We plan on taking additional samples to monitor any possible toxins.

Blue Green Algae

Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) is present in Fairview Lake at this time in sufficient numbers to warrant laboratory testing for potential toxins produced by this group of algae. Until the nature of the algae is determined lake users are advised to keep children and pets out of the water. Adults should refrain from swimming to avoid eye irritation and/or intestinal illness. Boating and fishing are safe currently.

The algae present are early in its life cycle and toxins are not suspected today, but samples are being laboratory tested at this time. If toxins are present additional restrictions may apply. Further notices will be posted, delivered and the website updated as needed. We are using a new lab and anticipate results by 7/20.

For now, be alert with water activity, especially children, and pets. Be very wary around bright green floating mats of algae.

Fairview Lake Property Owners Association date July 16, 2018
Bob Dolphin Lake Manager 503-666-8621;
Greg Button President 971-506-8802

Lake Treatment Notice: 2018

Fairview Lake water elevation will be lowered approximately 2-3 inches per day starting July 5th. The goal is to lower the water level by 9-12 inches by Monday July 9th.

Diquat Dibromide will be applied to Fairview Lake under NPDES 2300A pesticide general permit, file #121692 on or about July 10, to control aquatic vegetation.

FLPOA recommends no swimming in the lake for 24 hours following treatment due to possible eye irritation.

Fishing restrictions: None
Drinking Lake Water Restrictions: Do not use for 3 days
Irrigation Restrictions: No turf or ornamental use for 3 days
Domestic Animal & Stock Watering Restrictions: Do not use for 1 day
Boating Restriction: Avoid the treatment area for 1 day

For more information contact the pesticide applicator:
Northwest Aquatic EcoSystems 360-357-3285
Fairview Lake Property Owners Association
Greg Button 971-506-8802
Bob Dolphin: 503-666-8621 &

4th of July Boat Parade

Neighborhood Yard Sale?

Hello Neighbors!

We are planning a yard sale for Saturday, June 23rd, and wanted to know if others are interested to be able to advertise as a neighborhood yard sale.

Please let me know if you are interested, so I can post to draw more interest.
Thank you,
Mary Wittkopf
503-319-1628 cell

Boat for sale

Want a nice little 14 ft. antique outboard boat for the lake? 5 1/2 hp. Johnson. Tuned up last summer. Been on the lake for 18 years. First $600 takes it. Call 503-674-8172 or 503- 619-9693.
Dan Parshall


Has anyone one else see the otter? Mike Cousins and I saw it May 3rd. We are one the East arm of the lake. Have not see Her/him since.

Dan Parshall

Two Bicycles Stolen

Two bicycles were stolen last night from our home on Lakeside Dr.
1) LeMond/Buenos Aires road bike. Color: Silver/Carbon. Computer on handlebar. In excellent condition. Serial #: WL3120960.
2) Trek mountain bike. Color: Blue. Computer on handlebar. Serial #SWTU20396336M.

Call or text 971-219-0563 if you spot either of them or see them posted for sale. Thank you
Glenn Fischer

Lake Filling

The weir is scheduled to close on Friday, May 11 to start bringing the lake up to summer water level. The start date was delayed due to the concern of MCDD about flooding potential from forecasted wet May weather.

Lakeshore Park Planting Event

The next planting event at Lakeshore Park is Thursday 3/29 at 10 AM. Bring a cushion to kneel on as we will be using a gas auger to dig the holes. We will not be able to raise the lake level until the plants are planted so come on out and help.
Thanks, Bob Dolphin