A wood footstool lost in the lake

During the big windstorm a couple of weeks ago a wooden footstool that came with our Adirondack chair was blown off our dock into the lake. If anyone has retrieved it please call Charles at 503-328-8957

Runaway Boat

There is a 14′ black aluminum rowboat grounded in the green space near Blue Heron Shores Dr. Bring your waders and oars. I think you can walk there from the community access at Blue Heron & 202nd.

Kayak found floating upside-down at East end of lake.

I have found and retrieved a double kayak floating upside-down at East end of the lake. If it is yours, call Charles 503-328-8957.

Found Rubbermaid dock storage box

A Rubbermaid dock storage box settled in the mud in the northeast corner of the lake during our recent stormy weather. Contact Bob Dolphin at bob_dolphin@msn.com if it is yours.


Susan Jane Hoyez <sjhoyez@earthlink.net>


Under my dock I have a tire with a Styrofoam Center with the embedded letters TOPPER.  Not sure if from someone’s floating dock or something I should dispose of.  It is really heavy and I’m not sure how to dispose of it.
My address is 20306 NE Interlachen Lane.

Gone with the wind

Mary Renner <marytrenner@hotmail.com>

Lost Adirondack chair kaki green color

Wind storm last Saturday blew it into east canal.
Please email me marytrenner@hotmail.Com


Lost puppy

I found a puppy without any tags… I am going to see if it has a chip in it but posting it on FLPOA is probably a good idea too.
Nick Button
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Found on lake

Greg Button <gbutton2@hotmail.com>

Found this on the lake.

Yellow kayak

dennis caudell <paradise@frontier.com>

yellow kayak

A yellow Pelican kayak floated into my dock last week. I tied it up at the end of the dock. The owner is welcome to come get it at your convenience.

Lost: 8′ Black Kayak Paddle Inbox x

Don Barnhisel <jinx.don@comcast.net>

Lost: 8′ Black Kayak Paddle

On July 4th or early July 5th we lost a 1-piece 8′ black kayak paddle near our floating dock at rear of 21534 NE Lachenview Ln – North of island next to well house.  If found please contact Jinx Rees so she can let me out of the doghouse.  Don