Heads-up to a Potential Boating Hazard…

James Graybill

Water hazard

When boating, stay north of the bouys near the dock at Lake Shore Park. Numerous people have noticed a large log just underwater near the park dock. We have placed bouys near where we think it is. We hope to find it in the morning under better weather conditions and remove it.

2011 Annul Meeting – Power Point Presentation

2011 Annul Meeting – Power Point Presentation

Flags for Sale

I plan to place an order for flags that say FLYC (Fairview Lake Yacht Club). The price will depend on the number of flags ordered. Please email me if you would like to order one. thanks!

Mary Flaum

Dispute Resolution

Did you know that FLOPA offers Dispute Resolution services to our membership? This service is perfect for finding resolution for somthing that is bothering you. Everything from that neighbors barking dog to the homeowner who just will not mow their lawn….or how about the teens, next door, that blare their music when mom and dad are not home? Dispute Resolution really works, however, don’t confuse this service with our local police department. What we do is mediate between neighbors in a personal,and very confidential environment. We are your “go-between”.

Hopefully, you will never need our service, but if you do simply drop us a note with: 1. your name and phone number 2. the problem to be resolved 3. the name and phone number of the other party.

Send it to: Ron Muro, PO Box 87, Fairview,OR 97024-0087 or click on the Dispute Resolution Button on the homepage.

This service is free to all FLOPA members.

Useful Weed Control Links

Lake Bottom Mats:




Aquatic Herbicides:


Aquatic Weed Consultants


NE 223rd Ave. RR Xing Project Update

roadConstruction of the new railroad bridge crossing over NE 223rd Ave in Fairview has encountered a few obstacles that will impact the project schedule. While significant progress has been made, additional structural work needs to be completed before NE 223rd can be re-opened. Completing that work is challenging due to inclement weather and schedule coordination with the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR). Read the rest of this entry »