Lakeshore Park Planting Event

Please come help restore Lakeshore Park natural area by planting native plants to protect the bank and establish habitat. First planting event is scheduled for Saturday, March 24th 9 AM to noon. Dress for the weather and muddy conditions. Bring a shovel and garden gloves.
Hope to see you there.

Lakeshore Park Update

As you may have noticed the City of Fairview has started the next phase of the Lakeshore Park upgrade. The southern riparian area is being reshaped and replanted with native plants. The steep banks will be graded to a 45-degree angle covered with matting and replanted to reduce bank erosion. The large blackberry bramble was removed. Roughly 1000 native plants are being ordered for replanting this area. FLPOA has agreed to assist in organizing volunteer planting days to assist in the restoration of this riparian area. Please consider volunteering in these efforts to preserve the natural areas of our lake. More information to follow as plant delivery dates become available.

Bob Dolphin

Car Theft

I just wanted to get a warning out to the Neighbors. Two nights ago our 1995 Subaru Legacy was stolen from the front of the house. We filed a police report, and the car was found the very next day on Interlochen. Apparently, these people have keys for older vehicles and just drive off with them.


Pinot Gris Grapes

I have a good crop of Pinot Gris grapes this year and I am not going to do anything with them. Anyone interested in making wine? Come and get them. They are ready! I just want the vine not the grapes.

Bettianne Goetz
212108 NE Interlachen Lane


Blue Green Algae Update

Results came back on 9/5/17 for the sample taken on 7/10/17 and the laboratory confirmed that the species of algae sampled that day did not produce toxins as it died. I called the lab multiple times following up on our sample and it was still close to sixty days to get the results. As an organization we may want to evaluate our process for monitoring the blue green algae for toxicity.

Critical Meeting – 9:30am August 3rd

Blue Green Algae Alert

Blue Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) is present in Fairview Lake at this time in sufficient numbers to warrant laboratory testing for potential toxins produced by this group of algae. Until the nature of the algae is determined lake users are advised to keep children and pets out of the water. Adults should refrain from swimming to avoid eye irritation and/or intestinal illness. Boating and fishing are safe currently.
The algae present is early in its life cycle and toxins are not suspected today, but samples are being laboratory tested at this time. If toxins are present additional restrictions may apply. Further notices will be posted, delivered and the web site updated as needed.
For now, be alert with water activity, especially children and pets. Be very wary around bright green floating mats of algae.

Second Weed Treatment

The lake level will be lowered starting Thursday July 13th for a Thursday July 20th weed treatment. This will complete the original June 21st treatment that was interrupted by mechanical issues with the applicator’s boat.

Treatment update

Our weed treatment applicator had some difficulties with his boat engine on Wednesday June 21st and was unable to complete the application. Prior to the mechanical difficulties he was able to treat the northern portion of the treatment. The details are yet to be worked out but our current plans are for a second application in Mid July.

Lake Weeds

With the return of the sunshine the lake weeds have returned and are breaking the surface around the lake. We have been monitoring the growth and have tentatively planned for a treatment the week of June 19th. More info to follow. FLPOA has a razor rake for loan by any member who want to borrow for cutting down the plant growth near their docks. Contact Bob Dolphin for arrangements (