Dock stuck in weir

A portion from a floating dock is stuck in the third bay of the weir at the lakes exit. Photo made May 9th

Lake Filling

The date is not official yet but the drainage district has agreed to an early raising of the water level in Fairview Lake. Prepare the lake to start filling on Monday April 24th. FLPOA will sent out a flier confirming this date.

Meeting Thursday – Trammell Crow Development

We have received a package from the City of Fairview forwarding Trammell Crow’s application to the city regarding the portion of the development in Fairview. There will be a meeting at 7 PM the Rieffs’ house (20101 NE Interlachen) on Thursday, March 23rd to discuss the Fairview application. All interested residents are invited.

Runaway Boat

There is a 14′ black aluminum rowboat grounded in the green space near Blue Heron Shores Dr. Bring your waders and oars. I think you can walk there from the community access at Blue Heron & 202nd.

Comments Needed

Please comment on attached Oregon Department of State Land Plan before November 9th. The more input they have the greater likelihood they might take a stand on the Blue Lake Corporate Park proposed development. To view the application, click on the link below:

Trammel Crow Portland Development, Inc. APP005931

The following page should come up. Then you can read the application and make comments in the Add comments. Comments must be made before 5:00PM on November 9th. You can view previous comments in the View section.


Proposed Development west of Fairview Lake

The re-scheduled public meeting for the proposed 372,000 sqft warehouse on the farm west of Fairview lake is:
Monday October 17th at 6:00 PM
St Aidan’s Episcopal Church
Parish Hall (Murdock Hall)
17405 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR 97230

Please plan on attending and expressing your concerns as the larger the turnout the more willing the developer is to accommodating our concerns.


Lowering of the Lake

A successful boating season is drawing to a close. It is that time of year again for the lake to go down.

Starting on Oct 3rd, the level will decrease slowly over a two week period with the gates fully open and water at winter depth by October 14th.

SAVE THE DATE: Please mark your calendars to attend our Annual All-Members meeting, November 3, 7:00 p.m. at Fairview City Hall. It is time to review the health of the lake, approve next year’s budget, select new board members and hear an update on Lakeshore Park and Levee Ready Columbia.

Fall Meeting Minutes

Minutes from Sept. 1 meeting of Proposed Distribution Warehouse and up coming meeting Sept 12th

Fall Meeting Minutes

Monday, Sept. 12, at 6pm, Round Table Pizza, 750 NE 181st

To discuss a proposed warehouse/distribution center with Trammell Crow Companies representative.

our major issues:
Noise,traffic,bright Lights,drainage, and possible use of facility 24-7
Increased traffic at 185th & Marine Dr. and our neighborhoods
Height and size of the distribution center: possible 50ft high building
Loss of wetlands and migratory birds and question of native American burial grounds
Close proximity to our homes
Proposed emergency road connecting to Interlachen Lane

There is strength in numbers We need as many people as possible to attend the meeting.

Comments or Questions; Contact: Bob Dolphin ( or Roger Keast (

Mid Lake Social


URGENT – Meeting on Planned Development at Interlachen Lane and Fairview Lake Way

Attached are a letter and photos of a planned development of the farm land at the corner of Interlachen Lane and Fairview Lake Way, leading up to Marine Drive. It is proposed to build a huge distribution warehouse (372,000 square feet) and parking areas for 257 autos and 57 trailer parking spaces. This affects all the residents who use Interlachen Lane to Marine Drive. It will change the nature of our quiet, country-like neighborhood.

Trammel Crow Company is holding a community “informational meeting” September 12th at Round Table Pizza ( 750 NE 181st) at 6PM. We encourage all residents to attend the company’s presentation.

Before we meet with the company, we will have a meeting of local residents to discuss the proposed development and its impact on all of us. We have reserved the Council Chamber Room at Fairview City Hall, 1300 NE Village Street on Thursday, Sept. 1st, from 7 to 9 P.M. We urge you to attend this important meeting.

At the Sept. 1st meeting, we will poll our neighbors and develop a unified position to discuss the development of the proposed Blue Lake Corporate Park. We are coordinating with Blue Heron Shores 1 and 2, FLPOA, and Interlachen Homeowners Association to brainstorm. All neighbors are invited. We will discuss the issues and what alternatives may be available. We are very concerned about the potential impact of another huge warehouse distribution center in the area; this one right next to our quiet residential community.

Some potential issues:

• Environmental Impact:
• Removal of wetlands and diminished wildlife
• Potential toxic runoff (leaking gas and oil from trucks and other materials)
• Poor air quality from the diesel trucks, heavy truck traffic, and vehicular air pollution
• Construction noise and dust
• Impact of continuous overhead lighting on parking area
• Impact of increased traffic (57 trailer trucks and 257 cars)
• Noise of trucks in the complex
• Diesel fumes
• Additional truck traffic that will compromise the safety of entering and exiting Marine Drive
• Our local streets are not designed for 18-wheelers
• More congestion of traffic at 185th
• Proposing “emergency” access onto Interlachen Lane will endanger our residents as well as bikers at Blue Lake Park
• Possibility of workers trying to avoid Marine Drive by driving through our neighborhood before and after their shift
• Endangerment of our children and residents from increased traffic
• An industrial complex this close to our houses will affect our property values

Please contact Bob Dolphin 503 666-8621 ( or Roger Keast 503-735-5813 ( if you need further information.

Please put both dates – Sept 1st and Sept. 12th – on your calendar and plan to attend.