Mid Lake Social


Lowering the Lake

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bob dolphin <bob_dolphin@msn.com>

Lowering the Lake

The schedule for lowering the lake to winter level is for the gates to be opened October 15th with the lake at winter level by October 30th. Enjoy the last weekend of summer and early fall on the lake.

Annual FLPOA Member Meeting

bob dolphin <bob_dolphin@msn.com>

Annual FLPOA Member Meeting

The 20th Annual FLPOA Member meeting is scheduled for Thursday October 8th starting at 7 PM at Fairview City Hall. Agenda to follow; Hope you can attend.

Call for Neighorhood Artists



Lynne Johnson <lynne.n.mike@gmail.com>

Call for Neighorhood Artists

A Call for Neighborhood Artists!

You are invited to be a part of Art in the Park, organized by members of Interlachen Inc. and Fairview Lake Property Owners Association. (FLOPA). The show features art and crafts of artists around our lakes. Artists may sell their work or just show it.  We will have live music, a kids’ art project and refreshments.

Art in the Park
Welsh Park (off Interlachen Lane)
Saturday, August 8, 2015                        11:00am- 3:00pm (Set up at 9:00am)
Interested?  There are just a few simple steps…

Between now and July 15, email Laurie Martin-Cohn at lmartcohn@gmail.com with:

·         Your Name

·         What sort of art will you show?

·         Your email
·         Any equipment you cannot provide.  (The committee will try to help out.)
In the meantime, create:

·         Your art
·         A sign for your table. (identify yourself and your work)
·         A short biography for your table
At 9:00am on August 8, bring:
·         Your artwork
·         A chair and a table with a cover
·         Display equipment, biography and sign
·         A canopy or umbrella (optional)
Check in with Laurie Martin-Cohn at the Gazebo
·         Share your artistry with your neighbors!

FLPOA-Saturday Floating Social!!!


Lynne Johnson <lynne.n.mike@gmail.com>

Saturday Floating Social

The warm weather is nearly here! Beginning May 23, come out and enjoy getting together with lake neighbors every Saturday at 6:00 pm. Meet in the middle of the lake and tie up the boats for a floating party. Bring your beverage and a snack to share. Hope to see you!

March FLOPA party date change

Olivia and Ron Muro (21775 NE Lachenview) will be hosting the March FLOPA party on Saturday March 21st at 6:00pm.     It was originally scheduled for the 14th.

As always, please bring a dish to share and BYOB.
Thank you Olivia and Ron for hosting.
take care,

Spring Lake Elevation

bob dolphin <bob_dolphin@msn.com>

Spring Lake Elevation

I have been discussing with MCDD and the City of Fairview the possibility of raising the lake elevation in April in an attempt to suppress the early spring aquatic weed growth. All parties currently are supporting this concept with another meeting scheduled for early April. MCDD will be running additional modeling on various flood scenarios to confirm adequate flood surge storage capacity in their system. I do not anticipate the lake being raised to full summer depth but potentially 12-24″ above winter depth. As more details come out regarding this possibility, we will post additional information.

FLPOA Annual Member Meeting


This year’s meeting will be held at the Fairview City Hall on Thursday, October 23 , starting at 7PM.

Hope you can make it!

Lowering Fairview Lake – 2014

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The Multnomah County Drainage District has informed us today that the annual drawdown of Fairview Lake will begin starting October 6. They’re plan is to initiate a slow retreat of about 1.5 inches per day in order to give everyone a chance to initiate their own appropriate action activities…

Jammin’ at the lake