Lake Filling Schedule

It’s official, the gates will be lowered to start raising the lake to summer elevation on Friday, April 17th with the goal of being full by May 1st.

Holiday Lake Social

Halloween Lake Social at our house, 20629 NE Lakeside Dr. on 10/27, 6:00 pm

$50 VISA card for the best solo or couples costume.
Costumes are optional!
Bring a dish to share and your own beverage.
Thanks! Joni & Randy

FLPOA Mid-lake Social

Neighborhood Yard Sale?

Hello Neighbors!

We are planning a yard sale for Saturday, June 23rd, and wanted to know if others are interested to be able to advertise as a neighborhood yard sale.

Please let me know if you are interested, so I can post to draw more interest.
Thank you,
Mary Wittkopf
503-319-1628 cell

Lakeshore Park Planting Event

The next planting event at Lakeshore Park is Thursday 3/29 at 10 AM. Bring a cushion to kneel on as we will be using a gas auger to dig the holes. We will not be able to raise the lake level until the plants are planted so come on out and help.
Thanks, Bob Dolphin

Jammin At The Lake 2017

Critical Meeting – 9:30am August 3rd

Casual Wine Tasting Mid Lake Social

FLPOA Annual Meeting Agenda

Fairview Lake Property Owners Association 21st Annual Meeting
November 3, 2016 – 7:00 p.m. Fairview City Hall

Please come to the get the latest news and give your input on the
direction FLPOA takes in the upcoming year. Bring a Door Prize to share at the meeting.

I. Call to order and Introduction of Board
II. Approval of Minutes of previous meeting – October 8, 2015
III. City of Fairview Lake Shore Park Upgrade, Allan Berry, City of Fairview
IV. Levee Ready Columbia Multnomah County Drainage District
V. Board Report
VI. Lake Committee
a. Aquatic Plant control
b. Blue Green Algae
VII. Social Committee
VIII. Treasurer’s report
IX. Budget Review and Approval
X. By-Laws Revision Approval
XI. Nominations and Election of new Board Members
XII. Opportunity for Committee signups
XIII. New Business
XIV. Door Prizes and Adjourn

Download the Agenda

Lowering of the Lake

A successful boating season is drawing to a close. It is that time of year again for the lake to go down.

Starting on Oct 3rd, the level will decrease slowly over a two week period with the gates fully open and water at winter depth by October 14th.

SAVE THE DATE: Please mark your calendars to attend our Annual All-Members meeting, November 3, 7:00 p.m. at Fairview City Hall. It is time to review the health of the lake, approve next year’s budget, select new board members and hear an update on Lakeshore Park and Levee Ready Columbia.