Where has the wild life gone?

I have lived on Fairview Lake twenty years. During that time the wild life population has decreased. this summer especially animal life is noticeably scarce. Only one turtle has been seen sunning on a log. Only one bull frog bellows at night. The chirping of hundreds of small frogs in the evening has been silenced. Instead of several Osprey, only one has been perched for fishing up in a tree. Spiraling, jumping of golden carp is seldom seen this year. No snakes have been seen on shore. No river otters have slid over the weir this summer. Not one fingerling small mouth bass has been seen. Eagles are still present Five were seen at one time soaring over the lake. There are no great white egrets this year. What has threatened wild life survival in Fairview Lake?

Everett W Lovrien


Susan Jane Hoyez <sjhoyez@earthlink.net>


Under my dock I have a tire with a Styrofoam Center with the embedded letters TOPPER.  Not sure if from someone’s floating dock or something I should dispose of.  It is really heavy and I’m not sure how to dispose of it.
My address is 20306 NE Interlachen Lane.

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bob dolphin <bob_dolphin@msn.com>

Lakeshore Park Improvement Community Open House

The City of Fairview is planning updates and amenities for Lakeshore Park this spring and summer. They have an initial concept plan and would like your input. Initial concept plans include two viewing platforms in the western natural area and clearing the lower brush to open up the western view of the lake. Please come with your ideas on how the city should be improving this park.

Thu, Jan 14, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Fairview City Hall

Blue Lake Park and Lakeshore Park Design Input

bob dolphin <bob_dolphin@msn.com>Blue Lake Park and Lakeshore Park Design Input

You have the opportunity to shape the future design of our parks. Metro is seeking input on the Master Plan for Blue Lake Park. Do you want a voice in shaping the future of a regional park? Take the survey.


The City of Fairview will be holding an open house in January seeking input on the draft Lakeshore Park design. Your FLPOA board submitted comments specifically objecting to the two viewing platforms proposed for the western natural area. Attached is the letter submitted and a preliminary drawing of the draft design.

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“Sad Message from Bettianne Goetz”

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“Al Goetz, who lived on Interlachen Lane for 45 years, died suddenly Friday night.  It appears to have been a heart attack.  He and his wife, Bettianne, were instrumental in the formation of FLPOA.  Al always loved our fun activities on the lake. He enjoyed being in the our famous 4th of July parade as his boat was famous for years for the folding chair routine! He and Bettianne always enjoyed the mid-lake socials on Saturday nights. They raised two daughters, Debbie and Jill, on the lake.  Daughter Jill and her family built on the south shore right across from home!!
A celebration of life will be held sometime after the holidays. We will miss him very much.”

Caution: Potential Discharge into Fairview Creek

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Caution: Potential Discharge into Fairview Creek

The City of Gresham experienced a sanitary sewer break near the Burnside Street max tracks. This breakage may have discharged sanitary sewage into Fairview Creek. Gresham has initiated and completed a repair and has a pump around system in place. They have notified all regulatory authorities. Residents are discouraged from making physical contact with the high flood waters.

Questions: Contact Allan Berry, 503.674.6235 or berrya@ci.fairview.or.us

FLOPA home party Ronnie & Jim Dick (11/7/15)

We miss everyone and need a “Lake Get-to Gather”.So, come to our house on Saturday, November 7 at about 5:00.
Jim and Ronnie Dick
21205 N.E. Shore Drive
Bring a snack to share and your own drinks.
If you would like to host a FLOPA party please let me know (Mary Flaum).   You get to pick the date and time and I’ll send out an email to the group.  It’s easy since your guest bring the food and it’s BYOB!!!!    All you need to provide is the paper products or a few plates and wine glasses.
hope to see you all soon,

Fairview Heron Pointe Community Planting Day

For further details, please copy and paste the following link to your web browser. It’s a good cause, and a great way to help out your community…


| Blue Green Algae

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Blue Green Algae

The city of Gresham reported potentially toxic blue green algae in Fugitsu Ponds which connects with Fairview Lake via Fairview Creek. Avoid contact with lake water that is scumy and green. Be especially careful with small children and dogs as their tolerance is lower.

Lowering the Lake

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Lowering the Lake

The schedule for lowering the lake to winter level is for the gates to be opened October 15th with the lake at winter level by October 30th. Enjoy the last weekend of summer and early fall on the lake.