Treatment Notice

Fairview Lake water elevation will be lowered approximately 2 inches per day starting June 5th. The goal is to lower the water level 9-12 inches by June 12th.

Diquat Dibromide will be applied to Fairview Lake under NPDES 2300A pesticide general permit, file #121692.
Between 06/12/19–06/15/19 (weather dependent) to control aquatic vegetation. The application is one day and we will update when it takes place on Facebook and FLPOA web page:

NO swimming in the lake for 24 hours following treatment due to possible eye irritation.
Fishing restrictions: None
Drinking Lake Water Restrictions: Do not use for 3 days
Irrigation Restrictions: No turf or ornamental use for 3 days
Domestic Animal & Stock Watering Restrictions:
Do not use for 1 day
Boating Restriction: Avoid the treatment area for 1 day

For more information contact the pesticide applicator:
Northwest Aquatic EcoSystems 360-357-3285
Fairview Lake Property Owners Association
Bob Dolphin: 503-666-8621
Greg Button: 971-506-8802

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