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Blue Green Algae Update

Following an acceptable laboratory analysis for potential toxins produced by this group of algae on Monday July 16th, no health advisory is required. The blue-green algae continue to thrive and with the extended projected heat wave, we anticipate it will linger into August. Continue to avoid green water and mats of algae.

We plan on taking additional samples to monitor any possible toxins.

Blue Green Algae

Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) is present in Fairview Lake at this time in sufficient numbers to warrant laboratory testing for potential toxins produced by this group of algae. Until the nature of the algae is determined lake users are advised to keep children and pets out of the water. Adults should refrain from swimming to avoid eye irritation and/or intestinal illness. Boating and fishing are safe currently.

The algae present are early in its life cycle and toxins are not suspected today, but samples are being laboratory tested at this time. If toxins are present additional restrictions may apply. Further notices will be posted, delivered and the website updated as needed. We are using a new lab and anticipate results by 7/20.

For now, be alert with water activity, especially children, and pets. Be very wary around bright green floating mats of algae.

Fairview Lake Property Owners Association date July 16, 2018
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