Destruction of east lakeshore wet land

Maybe if I had attended the meetings of FLPOA i wouldn’t be surprised by the changes underway at the east shore of the lake. Construction Equipment is on the lake shore that has always been forested. No more, The trees have been knocked down, the landscape turned into mud, bushes and plants de-nuded. The area has been a sanctuary for birds and animals. Osprey, Eagles, white egrets, herons and beavers have been visible amongst the thick foliage. No more. I don’t know what is planned for the area but is sad to see the transformation from a wet land to a development, When we moved to the lake shore in 1997 a ripparian zone prohibited construction within 35 feet of the shoreline. Apparently our wetlands along the lake shore are no longer protected. I am sad to see the change.

Everett W Lovrien

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  1. avatar llbarnett831 Says:

    Everett, I too am deeply disturbed by the massive destruction of wildlife habitat and also angry at the City of Fairview. Each month I read the newsletter that accompanies our water/sewer bill and can’t recall ANYTHING being mentioned about this project. So what is their game plan? Perhaps a letter writing campaign or city council meeting attendance is called for. What do other lake residents think about this situation?
    Sherre Barnett
    21882 NE Lachenview

  2. avatar abgoetz Says:

    It would be a good idea to call the city and get an explanation. Anybody on the FLPOA Board able to explain?

  3. avatar danfox44 Says:

    I received a few notifications about the park upgrades via mail along with a couple surveys requesting input on the park changes. Plan as I understand it is to open the shore to the park, add a gazebo 20 feet back from the water (concrete foundation in place) and play structure behind it in the large grassy area. They had considered extending a bridge to the island and extending the park on the island but that was nixed due to budget. Parks planning notes available on the Fairview city website.

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