Spring 2015 – Fairview Lake

It’s all about location, sometimes you just have to pinch yourself to make sure it’s not a dream that we’re really living here…


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  1. avatar donniebarn1 Says:

    That is a duck, right? And ducks nest in bird houses attached to trees? I learn something new every day. And I am an old codger! Did everyone else know that fact about ducks except me? Don Barnhisel

  2. avatar Mark and Penny Myers Says:

    Thanks for your question Don. These little guys are called “Wood Ducks”, the males are very colorful and along with their female partners can often be seen landing in the trees. During breeding season they are attracted to these nesting boxes where they bring forth lots of little ones for us to enjoy each year.

    To answer the rest of your question, wood ducks are the only species that we know to present this type of behavior. All the rest of our local waterfowl, including Mallards and Canadian geese choose to nest on the ground. The only drawback to that is our dog “Gizmo” will often find a nest with fresh eggs, and proudly bring one in the house to show us…

    Isn’t it cool to have all of this in our own backyards?

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