1979 Duffy Boat for Sale

Dee Randolph <dmcquaide@cox.net>

For Sale

1979 Duffy Boat for Sale – cutest boat on the lake!
Trailer Included

You really want this boat. Please don’t make her go to a foster lake.

Dee Randolph


Lowering Fairview Lake – 2014

Another Beautiful Morning On The Lake 001

The Multnomah County Drainage District has informed us today that the annual drawdown of Fairview Lake will begin starting October 6. They’re plan is to initiate a slow retreat of about 1.5 inches per day in order to give everyone a chance to initiate their own appropriate action activities…

Break-ins on the lake- heads-up….

From an informed neighbor…

The more we talk with people around the lake, the more we are hearing about break-ins. At this point, we know about 3 that have occurred within the past couple of weeks: one on Interlachen near the Goetz’s, one near Pelfry’s house and one near the damn. All involved breaking a window or sliding glass door to gain entry during the day when no one was home. Houses were ransacked with mostly jewelry and small electronics taken. At the house near Pelfry’s, bike tracks were detected so police thought it might be a kid. A bicycle was also stolen off the roof rack of a car on Interlachen. I think a message on FLPOA is warranted, just warning people that someone is casing the neighborhood and to be extra vigilant.

Kayak found on the lake

Second entry – now with the correction phone number

I found a kayak floating adrift on the lake 1-2 weeks ago.
I posted this in the lost and found, but gave the wrong area code for my phone. Sorry about this!

Please call Dave, Carol, or Lark at 503-667-0240 or contact Dave by e-mail (davidjvieira@hotmail.com).

Canoe found

Canoe found

Someone found a canoe drifting in the slough down stream of the lake. They contacted me so let me know if you lost one.

Bob Dolphin 503-666-8621

Just Hang’n Out!

Turtles catching some rays!

Photography by Penny Myers:

Turtles 1

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Kayak Found

kayak found in middle of Fairview Lake

Sunday evening, Sept 7, we found a kayak drifting in the middle of Fairview Lake. It is a blue, 2-person, Wilderness Systems Pamlico kayak. If it is yours, please give us a call (Tom at 503-459-6536 or Bonnie at 503-459-6891). Thanks.