Jammin’ at the lake


Jammin’ at the lake

Another Beautiful Morning On The Lake 003

Please join us at the second annual
Jammin’ at the Lake
It’ll happen on the Sunday after Labor Day
That’s September 7th at 3:00 pm
At the Goetz home on Fairview Lake
21208 NE Interlachen Lane
Fairview, Or
We all had a great time last year and are looking
forward to more of the same this year. Music will be
all genres: jazz, rock, blues, swing or what ever.
We’ll kick off at 3pm and quit when we’re all too
tired to go on or the neighbors have heard enough!
Musicians will come and go and you should feel free
to do the same.
Bring a picnic and your own chair.
See you there! Enjoy!



Photography by Penny Myers:

Another Beautiful Morning on the Lake

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Blue Green Algae Alert Lifted

The Blue Green Algae warning for Fairview Lake is being lifted effective August 14th. FLPOA has followed the state protocol for toxin testing of the algae bloom and the test results of three samples over a four week period have been below limits. Thanks for your patience while we awaited the test results.

At the End of the Day

Stunning sunset, angry sky, and monster moon, all in one day…

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Fairview Lake Riparian Question

Additional email copy sent to FLPOA Board:

Recently a question was raised by FLPOA member Rick Parrish regarding whether or not anyone else had heard of any modifications to the current riparian regulations (the “riparian” is a measured buffer that requires only natural vegetation and wildlife habitat be maintained in an established area from the high water mark of Fairview Lake, inland.

Specifically, that the currently established, and documented, 35′ riparian buffer has been deemed by the city of Fairview as inaccurate stating that it should have been measured at 50′, and that their plan is to make it retroactively enforceable. The following is a narrative from Rick of what exactly he was told, and its greater impact as it relates to the rest of those Fairview Lakeside property owners within the jurisdiction of the city of Fairview.

” The City of Fairview Code enforcement officer has sent us a draft she is sending to City council this month quoting the 50′ riparian setback ordinance. They have told us we have to remove fencing, recently installed ,and raised planter beds. Some of the fencing is outside the 35′ riparian, but what would now be inside a “new” 50′ riparian.

Most disturbing to us, is when we quoted the 35′ measurement to the Code enforcement officer, Rita Humphries, and told her that 35′ measurement is on our deed, in a letter back to us, she states that our deed is in error. Our deed is in error?! Makes me chuckle, if this situation wasn’t so serious.

I guess a big issue for me is when they went through changing the riparian setbacks on Fairview and Osborn creeks a couple of years ago, Fairview lake was not included. The lake was to be handled separately and as far as we know nobody has had a chance for input. It’s just suddenly a new ordinance. A smaller issue of importance is that so much of the verbiage in the new version of the riparian ordinance seems to have numerous things added that weren’t in the last version.”
Thank you for your interest in sorting this out. I’ll keep you posted of any new developments.
Rick and Beth Parrish 503–492–6955

Boat Ladder

Boat ladder

A lost boat ladder washed up at our place in the East Bay. If you lost a ladder and think it may be yours, please give us a call at 503-459-6536. We will hand it to you if you can accurately describe the one we have.

Fairview Lake “Sunrise Services”

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Riparian Question

Rick and Beth Parrish <rrparrish@gmail.com>

50′ ft. riparian setback on Fairview lake, new ordiance?

Hello, has anyone received information from the City of Fairview about a change to the riparian setback on our properties changing from 35 to 50′? Thanks, Rick and Beth Parrish parrish.beth@gmail.com

Wine Tasting Event!

Lynne Johnson <lynne.n.mike@gmail.com>


Wine Tasting
Don’t forget the wine tasting event at the Saturday Midlake Social 6:00 pm.
6 wines will be provided for a blind tasting. Be ready to rate the best.
Bring an appetizer to share and your own beverage of choice for more than a taste.