Hobi Cat Demonstration

We canceled the Hobi Cat demonstration set for Sunday. The blue green algae was the issue we were worried about. We will reschedule.

Lake drawdown and treatment

Fairview Lake is scheduled for drawdown beginning Friday, July 11. They lake may drop a foot over the next few days. Make sure that boats tied to fixed docks have slack in the mooring rope to accommodate this. Treatment for weed removal is scheduled for the following Friday, July 18. Please refrain from all lake activity on that date and the following day. Sorry if that interrupts your weekend, but this has been very difficult to schedule. Activities can resume on Sunday, July 20.

Blue Green Algae Outbreak

Please be aware that there is our normal outbreak of blue green algae (cyanobacteria)occuring at this time. It is being tested for toxins. You’ll be notified if any are found. Best to keep children and pets out of the water.

FLPOA 4th of July Boat Parade!!

This year was the best ever!

Photography by Penny Myers;

4th of July Parade 1

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