Heads-up to a Potential Boating Hazard…

James Graybill

Water hazard

When boating, stay north of the bouys near the dock at Lake Shore Park. Numerous people have noticed a large log just underwater near the park dock. We have placed bouys near where we think it is. We hope to find it in the morning under better weather conditions and remove it.

Fisherman in riparian (bird habitat) space?

Tom Kopp <tbkopp@comcast.net>

Just a question for someone. Living at the east end of the lake, I am on the same street as the park that has a dock in the channel. There is also a fence around the park to keep people out of the wildlife/bird habitat/sanctuary between the park and the lake. A good thing, since more of the banks keep falling away into the lake each year – this year being no exception, as I’ve noticed in paddling around in my kayak. And as I’ve been out in the kayak, I’ve noticed a fisherman out in the weeds where the other creek enters the lake (can’t think of the name of that creek, but it is by the park on the south side of the lake). He has been out there several days, complete with umbrella, chair, and several fishing rods. Do we want that? Is it allowed? He is out there trampling the grasses down, hopefully not leaving any trash. I understood that area to also be a wetland bird sanctuary and seeing at least three geese ‘couples’ with their goslings this year, I wonder about all!
owing fishermen to trample their way out in that spot to the lake’s edge for fishing. Just wondering, and not knowing if something should be done about it, especially when we keep losing more of our banks each year into the lake. Thanks for considering this.

New Kids on the Block

New to neighborhood

Hello Fairview Lake Neighbors!

My wife Sarah and I just purchased a home on the east end of Fairview lake near the end of the finger or handle of the lake (is that the proper name?). We are very excited to join the neighborhood and look forward to enjoying our first summer in Fairview and hopefully meeting many of you.

We took on quite a project with this home and have a to do list a mile long 🙂 We’ll definitely be looking to neighbors for advice on how best to take advantage of the water and build an attractive lake access from our backyard in the coming months.

A quick bit about us:
Sarah and I are a newly married couple expecting our first baby this July. We are big fans of the Timbers and travelling and recently returned from a trek through Europe where we were able to attend soccer matches in 6 of the 11 countries we visited.

Sarah is a realtor with Hasson Company and Dan is a technologist with Smarsh, a local SaaS tech firm in Portland.

Alton House Dan & Sarah Alton

Missing Canoe

mike falk <james.falf@nwnatural.com>

Missing canoe

I was out on the dock tonight checking out the water level and I noticed our canoe is gone.
missing: 16ft Smokercraft ,no numbers I think the bow and stern lines are faded out green. If you have seen this canoe please call mike 503-819-4400.

Boat Found…

Runaway boat found

A neighbor reported finding a boat on the north side of the lake in late April. Call 619-972-3401 with a description to claim.

Be There or be Square!

It's a beautiful morning

It’s a beautiful morning

Hello everyone – – flyers are starting to go out to all of us in the neighborhood about our next landscaping cleanup project at the entrance to Fairview Lake Way & 223rd, which will start at 9 AM on Saturday, June 7, 2014. We are asking neighbors to help in two ways.

  1. Help us by donating towards the cost of purchasing beauty bark, weed killer, and to also help cover the cost of any dump fees associated with debris cleanup. If you would like to participate, we are asking each homeowner who uses this entrance to donate $10 to this worthy cause, and to send either check or cash to Charles Flaum, 21351 NE Shore Drive, Fairview, 97024.
  1. Join us at this important, and fun community project to provide your most appreciated “labor”, expertise, and personal support. If you have some of these gardening implements available, first put your name on them, and bring clippers, rakes, brooms, wheelbarrows, shovels, and any other “tools of the trade” you might think would be helpful.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Joni Hutchinson