Spud pole setting

Submitted by: Rick Schafer

Does anyone know somebody or have ideas about re-securing the spud poles for a floating dock? Mine came loose when the boat repairman ran the motor in gear hike the boat was tied to the deck. I have called around and nobody seems to do this type of repair.

Boat Ramp

Submitted by: Bob Dolphin

This spring, the FLPOA board requested a bid on construction of a Lake access boat ramp at Hockaday Park. The City was willing to transfer ownership of the Park property to FLPOA in return for future reduced dues. The bid we received was close to $50,000 with FLPOA responsible for the plantings following construction. This was more than double the proposed budget so a revised design utilizing some gravel and barriers was requested. This reduced the bid to close to $40,000 still double our budget. In light of the costs associated with a FLPOA owned boat ramp, the board decided to cease pursuing this project at this time.

Sprucing Up

pumkin kids 044

Hey, it’s going to be a beautiful morning, and here’s a chance to get out there, get together and make a difference!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Saturday, July 13, 9 am, to spiff up the landscaping at the neighborhood entrance: 223rd and NE Fairview Lake Way. Barkdust was applied last year so this year will be mostly pruning, pulling weeds, removing trash, fluffing up the barkdust, etc. Bring garden gloves, rakes, pruners, loppers, etc. We have a trailer for clippings. Please let us know if you can help: Sue Cook at stevecook641@aol.com or Joni Hutchinson at randyjonihutchinson@gmail.com. It really makes a difference when we keep this area looking sharp!


Submitted by: Suzanne Auvil

I am looking for a new FLYC triangular flag. Any one know where to go ?

email Suzanne