Looking for a House to Rent

Submitted by: Tammy Bates

We have some awesome neighbors that are renting on the Blue Lake side. Their house is going up for sale in March but they are not ready to buy. They want to stay in the neighborhood so if you would like to rent out your home please contact me. Tammy Bates tammyleebates@yahoo.com. Thank You!


Submitted by: Alexandra Andronikos

Nov. 2, 2012 …Fire looking Sunrise in the sky over Mt. Hood.


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New FLPOA Officers for 2013

President: Bob Dolphin
Vice President Dennis Caudell
Secretary: Mike Johnson
Treasurer: Suzanne Auvil
City of Fairview: Allan Berry
Lake Committee Chairman: Jim Graybill

Minutes of the latest FLPOA board meeting can be read here.