Hopeful news about weeds

Submitted by: Michael Johnson

After weeks of collaboration and consensus building with the various downstream stakeholders of Fairview Lake and Columbia Slough, we have been invited by DEQ to re-apply for the herbicide permit to treat the lake weeds. Their decision is still in doubt, but we are hopeful.

FLPOA has submitted the requested information and expect an answer as early as next week.

Lost Kayak

Submitted by:  Bob Dolphin

Lost a red Potomac Kayak around mid March. Think it blew off dock on West end of Lake.  If you found a lost floating kayak, please call at 503-666-8621.

Sunset after a heavy rainstorm

Submitted by: Charles Flaum

Taken around 7 pm on Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunset after the Storm

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Fairview Lake Macrophyte Issue

Linked below is a powerpoint presentation made by FLPOA to Columbia Slough Watershed Council on March 26, 2010.

Fairview Lake Macrophyte Proposal

Update on Fairview Lake Weed Issue

From your local volunteer FLPOA member Anthony DeSimone an update with the Fairview Lake weed issues.

These comments are from meetings I had with George Lingelbach, Mike Johnson and a FLPOA board meeting from 02/23/2012.

Lake Residents:

Update on weeds status.

We have suffered setbacks during March. An environmental lawyer and her organization (Northwest Environmental Advocates) have contested our application to DEQ and have suggested possible legal action. The City of Portland and Columbia Slough Watershed Council have contributed letters to DEQ supporting her. Jim Graybill provided DEQ with a specific response to her objections and point out several “facts” that were wrong or have been outdated.

Subsequently, DEQ returned our application and fees, informing us that our application was being denied due to ‘potential downstream water quality issues’ cited by NEA.

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May Social!

Make sure you add this to your social calendar: On May 19 at 6:00pm, join us at the Loerke’s home at 21548 NE Lachenview! Bring something to drink and something to share!