Fairview Lake Mgt meetings of Aug. 19 & 23, 2011

We are still working hard to find some way to get rid of enough lake weeds to have some boating for the rest of the summer.  Please refer to the meeting notes of Aug 4 and Aug 10.  On Aug 11 I had a discussion with Dave Hendricks (MCDD) where he proposed the use of a weed harvester in Fairview Lake that would be owned and operated by the Drainage District.  FLPOA would then pay the district for its use.  Mr. Hendricks would like to use the harvester in the Columbia Slough this summer (mid Sept.) and FLPOA could have a test run on the lake in early to mid Sept. hopefully creating a track around the lake for weed-free boating.

I met with Allen Berry, City of Fairview, and Dave Hendricks, MCDD, on Friday, Aug 19.  We drove around the lake and identified three potential sites for offloading the weeds.  We would need to get permission from owners to off load the weeds to the ground where they would be removed by MCDD in the following three days.  MCDD would supply trucks and loaders for this.  Cost for this would be $1500 to $3000 per day for the test run.  The cost depends on who supplies the harvester.  We seem to think that this would be a short term fix to the weed problem for power boating and some nutrients would be removed from the watershed.

On Aug. 23 I drove Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Berry around the lake in a party barge and all of us realized how extensive the weed problem is.  The question we have is how far around the lake can we harvest given the quantity of weeds we have in the lake.  Mr. Hendricks proposed flying in a consultant from California to give us an estimate of how far the machine could go in one day.  The cost of harvesting the entire lake, say next summer, appears to be much more expensive than chemical treatment if we could use them.

There will be ongoing discussions in the next few days.  When this gets to the point where we need money we will have a meeting.

Submitted by Jim Graybill

Aug. 25, 2011


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  1. avatar richbrott Says:

    Speaking only for myself, this seems like an illogical short-term appeasement for the very serious weed problem at hand. What possible long-term solution is effected or resolved by creating a path around the lake for boaters to enjoy for 3 weeks at a cost of $3,000? This expenditure which represents the annual dues of approximately 60 property owners, hardly seems worthy of discussion and not dissimilar to typical irrational group think processes found in many tax supported government structures.

    We are a volunteer organization with officials working hard with little praise. I can understand and appreciate that. My comments are not meant to slight the efforts of anyone who is graciously offering their time and service at no cost to FLOPA and its membership. With our economy in flux and people out of work, let’s take this opportunity to watch every expense and guard every dollar.

    Let’s hope, that if weed harvesting discussion continues, we will indeed have a public meeting open to all the lake property owners before one nickel of our annual dues is spent. Thankfully, based on the August 25th memo, we in fact do have that assurance. As always, more communication is better than less.

    Rich Brott, President,
    Lakeside Estates West Homeowner’s Association.

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