Poker Run Cancelled :^(

The Poker Run has been cancelled because of heavy weed infestation. Watch for an alternate event in the works for mid-September.

Lynne Johnson

Fairview Lake Mgt meetings of Aug. 19 & 23, 2011

We are still working hard to find some way to get rid of enough lake weeds to have some boating for the rest of the summer.  Please refer to the meeting notes of Aug 4 and Aug 10.  On Aug 11 I had a discussion with Dave Hendricks (MCDD) where he proposed the use of a weed harvester in Fairview Lake that would be owned and operated by the Drainage District.  FLPOA would then pay the district for its use.  Mr. Hendricks would like to use the harvester in the Columbia Slough this summer (mid Sept.) and FLPOA could have a test run on the lake in early to mid Sept. hopefully creating a track around the lake for weed-free boating. Read the rest of this entry »

Ask City of Fairview to help with the lake weed problem

Dear Neighbor:

We’d like to make sure city hall knows that we need their help to combat the overwhelming lake weed problems. Below is a form letter that I am asking you to use as a template to write to city hall.  Names and emails are included for your convenience as well as two sample letters. Choose either and/or modify to your satisfaction and mail/email to any city representatives you wish.

Then, will you forward this on to 3 of your lake neighbors and they, hopefully, will do the same. In this way, we can reach some lake residents not signed up for the website email.

Thanks for your support.

Fairview City Council Meeting 8/17


I went to the 8/17 Fairview City Council Meeting and was the only citizen to offer any comments. Total meeting lasted 20 minutes so it was not much effort on my part. Being the only one to officially request the city to act as the champion in creating a coalition to address the lake weed issue had little impact. I feel if we want action then somehow we need to mobilize our FLOPA membership. I am not sure how the board communicates with it’s members but somehow we should have gotten the word out that we needed 25Fairview residents/members at the council meeting tonight. Next opportunity is 8/31.

Bob Dolphin

Pesky “Pole Cats”!


Submitted by: Mark Myers

“Rocky Raccoon” caught in the act!

Raccoon Poses

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Large Whited Sturgeon sighted in Fairview Lake

Submitted by: Charles Flaum

First seen by two kayakers (including myself) around 11 am on August 21 2011, at the East end of the main body of the lake. The top part of the tail, the dorsal fin and part of the back were seen above water surface. As we paddled closer, it went slightly under water, and we could see its full length as it swam around our kayaks. It looked to be around 4 ft long. After a while it went down into the weeds and out of sight.

That same evening, my wife and I paddled out toward toward the Easter end of the lake, and saw the tail and the dorsal fin come up above the surface several times near the Lighthouse. I will try to find him again and take a picture.

Backyard Bandits!

Submitted by: Penny Myers

A whole family of cherry picking racoons!

Raccoon Family 1

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Update on Weed Meetings

Dear Property Owners,        August 13, 2011

We wanted to take the time to give you the updates from the last two meetings with regards to the weed issue. J

Fairview Lake Mgt Committee Meeting of Aug 4, 2011

The committee was gathered at Jim Graybill’s home at 7 p.m.  Eleven members and guests participated in a lively discussion about the lake and its weeds.  We noted that so far there has been little sign of blue-green algae.  The weed situation is far worse than last year which was bad.  Several boaters felt that all forms of boating will cease in a few weeks due weeds always on the propellers or oars. Read the rest of this entry »

Sweatshirt Order Update

Submitted by: Lynne Johnson

Unfortunately we have not gotten enough responses for ordering sweatshirts at this time. I will check some other vendors to see if we can make a smaller order and still keep costs down. So if you have your heart set on one,there may still be one in your future.

Also, the Tuttle’s fish flag has been found! So thanks for everyone for keeping a look out.