Letter to FLPOA about Weed Control

June 21, 2011

Dear Landowners around Fairview Lake:

This note is to bring you up to date with events since our last all-members meeting on May 3rd. At that meeting we decided:

— to pursue the herbicide option (Sonar), even though it was the most expensive
— to attempt an application this summer instead of preparing for the next
— to collect a ‘special assessment’ of $325 to implement the herbicide plan
— to use some ‘ramp’ funds to kick start the assessment collection, if needed

We have encountered some snags since that meeting.

The most significant is that although the applicator has the credentials to perform the spraying, to do so would put FLPOA in violation of several DEQ requirements. Sonar cannot be applied within 1/4 mile of a functioning potable water well. There are three on the lake. Also, the herbicide would have to be contained within the lake and could not be measurable in the Slough. To do so would put Fairview and Gresham in violation of NPDES MS4 regulations. These apply specifically to drainage district waterways.

Because we could not obtain clearance to apply the herbicide, FLPOA did not continue with the special assessment plan.

Actions since May 3rd:

We contacted Lake Oswego. They had no practical solutions. They have a similar problem in a shallow shelf (Called the Duck Pond) in their lake. They raised a lot of money and covered the bottom with tarps to solve the problem. This is not practical for our size lake. They don’t have a weed problem in the rest of their lake due to its depth.

We have contacted PSU for advice.

We have held bi-weekly meetings with City of Fairview all through the spring and will continue until the issues below are addressed:

Lake weeds/algae issues
Boat ramp
A new lake agreement
An updated lake management plan

DEQ continues to monitor blue-green algae throughout the state. Last year they reported more than double the state-wide instances. This includes Fairview Lake, which is now listed as an ‘Impaired Waterway due to blue-green algae’.

FLPOA is seeking legal advice about our role with the various jurisdictions and agencies in regard to water quality and restrictions.

We continue to monitor lake conditions

I am cautiously optimistic. Not that we will escape weed/algae problems. But we have had a favorable winter. Turbidity has been good this spring, although we have seen clear-water days. We have had good fish activity and the filamentous algae has been acting more normally this year unlike last year.

Mike Johnson
President, FLPOA

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