Letter to FLPOA

April 16, 2011

Dear Landowners

Last year Fairview Lake experienced a combination of circumstances affecting lake health and viability that have not occurred in recent memory.

The outbreak of macrophyte weeds was unprecedented in scope.  These weeds affect our ability to use the lake recreationally and threaten to clog it into a swampy marsh.

At the same time, we experienced our first instance in a decade of toxic algae. We have seen a couple forms of algae past summers, but last year the algae was a different type, a mildly toxic type – affecting pets and small children.

There is no reason to think this coming summer will be different. However, we also do not know if the weeds or toxic algae will return.

Both of these issues affect our property values as well as our leisure.  We need to determine, as a group, how we should respond to these two separate issues this coming summer.

Our lake management committee met with a consultant to assess the situation. We have several courses of action open to us. Each has their liabilities as well as benefits. Most actions will involve expense, some quite costly, that should be borne by all.

There are no easy answers, or else your board would have acted already.

Because of its importance, FLPOA board of directors has called a special all-landowners meeting for May 3, 2011 7:00 p.m. at City Hall to review these options and choose our response. For the health of our lake and for its recreational future, I encourage you to attend and participate in the decision.

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Mike Johnson
President, FLPOA

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