Help needed to control the weeds

Submitted by: James Graybill

We have completed a survey of the aquatic weed situation around the edge of the lake and need help pulling some of the weeds. Our fear as always, is that the weeds will spread throughout the lake and interfere with our boating and swimming. We have been aggressive in years past at removing the plants by hand and that method has worked well.

The plants we found today looked weak and should be easy to deal with. But we need your help.

We will meet at Carl Markings’ dock (21516 NE Lachenview) at 9am and hope to be done by 11am tomorrow, June 26, Sunday June 27 and next Saturday July 3. Sorry for the short notice.We will need one or two more boats and many walk-ons. We have all the tools necessary.

Thanks for your help. Call me if you have questions.

Jim Graybill, 503-667-4547

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