Photo Contest Entry

Submitted By: Mark Myers

Wood Duck

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Photo Contest Entry

Submitted by: Thomas Kopp

Winter 2007

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Photo Contest Entry

Submitted by: Jim Dick

After the Storm

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Photo Contest Entry

Submitted by: Donn & Rosie Tuttle

Winter 2008

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Fairview Lake Photo Contest

To kick off the new season, we are inviting you to submit your favorite pictures of the lake. It could include: wildlife on the lake, one of our beautiful sunsets, your favorite snow scene, or someone just enjoying the lake in their favorite way. Just use your imagination: the possibilities are endless. To Submit entries just go to our website, and select “Submit New Content.” All entries must be submitted on or before June 1, 2010. The winning entry will receive a $100 gift certificate to Bumpers. Our goal for this contest is to not only obtain new photos of the lake but also to gain new members using our website. We would love to have every lake household sign up by June 1.

Winter is Over and Spring is in the Air!

Sunset over Fairview Lake August 2nd 2009

FLPOA March Account Balances

Submitted by: Jim Dick
As of March 31,2010
Our Account Balances are:
Checking $47.20
Savings $7,480.61
CD’s $22,453.13

We have collected dues from 82% of our members for 2010.
Thank you FLPOA Supporters!
Gary Stonewall has submitted the plans for the boat launch to the City of Fairview .
We expect completion of the launch in Fall of 2010.
We will need 2 new board member to replace Gary Stonewall and Randy Hutchinson this fall!

Closing of the Weir

Submitted by: Gary Stonewall
The city will start closing the Weir on May 10th.

Get your boats ready!!