NE 223rd Ave. RR Xing Project Update

roadConstruction of the new railroad bridge crossing over NE 223rd Ave in Fairview has encountered a few obstacles that will impact the project schedule. While significant progress has been made, additional structural work needs to be completed before NE 223rd can be re-opened. Completing that work is challenging due to inclement weather and schedule coordination with the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR).

NE 223rd Ave was originally scheduled to partially re-open to traffic (with an asphalt base lift only) in mid-December of this year. Due to the complications, that road opening will be pushed several months into 2010.

One of the critical work items is shifting the alignment of the railroad across a new bridge above NE 223rd Ave. This requires a series of tasks to be completed in sequence by the county’s contractor and the railroad. In addition, some tasks (such as paving) cannot be completed in inclement weather.

The overall completion date for the project is unchanged at April 30, 2010. When the project is completed, full unrestricted use of NE 223rd will be restored, with a wider road width and new bike lanes and sidewalks. Multnomah County and ODOT staffs continue to coordinate with the contractor and UPRR to advance as much work as possible this fall and winter to ensure the quickest completion we can safely achieve. The delay in reopening the road is not expected to impact the project’s cost.

Progress completed in recent months includes:

· Constructed the south abutments that support the new railroad bridge
· Installed the new bridge
· Relocated utilities
· Installed pedestrian traffic signal at Bridge Street
· Constructed wall using historic rocks from old WPA wall
· Graded and laid the base for new railroad alignment

Remaining work includes:

· Installing railroad ties and rails on the new alignment
· Switching rail traffic to the new alignment
· Removing old railroad bridge
· Completing north half of new bridge, including:
· Drilling shafts
· Constructing retaining walls
· Building abutments for future second bridge
· Paving NE 223rd Ave.
· Constructing curbs and sidewalks
· Completing landscaping

To read past project updates visit the project webpage.

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