Winter Drawdown of the lake

Time to lower the lake

Another boating season is drawing to a close. It is that
time of year again for the lake to go down.

Starting October 5, the water level will decrease over a two-week period with the gates fully open and water at winter depth by October 17th.

Annual Meeting Cancelled


There will be no increase in dues for 2021 and the Board members will continue in their current positions for 2021.
Next Year we have a few board members and their terms will expire, please consider offering your expertise and join the board.

If you have any questions or comments for the board please contact us.

President: Greg Button, 971-506-8802
VP: Katy Parsons, 503-481-5950
Treasurer: Charles Flaum,503-328-857
Lake Manager: Bob Dolphin, 971-300-3822
Secretary: Sally Flanigan, 515-470-3970
Tom Hoffman, 503-475-3417

Blue Green Algae

Blue-Green Algae
(Cyanobacteria) is present in Fairview Lake at this time in sufficient numbers to warrant laboratory testing for potential toxins produced by this group of algae. Until the nature of the algae is determined lake users are advised to keep children and pets out of the water. Adults should refrain from swimming to avoid eye irritation and/or intestinal illness. Boating and fishing are safe currently.
The algae present are early in its life cycle and toxins are not suspected today, but samples will be laboratory tested. If toxins are present additional restrictions may apply. Further notices will be FB posted, delivered and the web site updated as needed. We anticipate results by 7/22.
For now, be alert with water activity, especially children and pets. Be very wary around bright green floating mats of algae.

Bob Dolphin Lake Manager 503-666-8621;
Greg Button President 971-506-8802

Waterlily Outbreak

There is an outbreak of waterlily in the NW corner of the lake that appears to be expanding significantly. There are two large patches, one about 15 feet from the west shoreline, 15’x6′. Another patch to the north of that against the shoreline. Additionally, there are random single, double and triple lily pads appearing in the NW corner about 50-100 feet from the shoreline.

Lake Filling Schedule

It’s official, the gates will be lowered to start raising the lake to summer elevation on Friday, April 17th with the goal of being full by May 1st.

Lowering of the Lake

The lowering of the lake will begin on Monday 10/7. MCDD has requested that we lower the lake a week early to assist in flushing the aquatic vegetation in the slough.

Thanks, Bob Dolphin

Treatment Notice

Fairview Lake water elevation will be lowered approximately 2 inches per day starting June 5th. The goal is to lower the water level 9-12 inches by June 12th.

Diquat Dibromide will be applied to Fairview Lake under NPDES 2300A pesticide general permit, file #121692.
Between 06/12/19–06/15/19 (weather dependent) to control aquatic vegetation. The application is one day and we will update when it takes place on Facebook and FLPOA web page:

NO swimming in the lake for 24 hours following treatment due to possible eye irritation.
Fishing restrictions: None
Drinking Lake Water Restrictions: Do not use for 3 days
Irrigation Restrictions: No turf or ornamental use for 3 days
Domestic Animal & Stock Watering Restrictions:
Do not use for 1 day
Boating Restriction: Avoid the treatment area for 1 day

For more information contact the pesticide applicator:
Northwest Aquatic EcoSystems 360-357-3285
Fairview Lake Property Owners Association
Bob Dolphin: 503-666-8621
Greg Button: 971-506-8802

Holiday Lake Social

Halloween Lake Social at our house, 20629 NE Lakeside Dr. on 10/27, 6:00 pm

$50 VISA card for the best solo or couples costume.
Costumes are optional!
Bring a dish to share and your own beverage.
Thanks! Joni & Randy

Time to lower the lake

As boating season is drawing to a close. It is that time of year for the lake to go down. Starting October 8, the water level will decrease slowly over a two week period with the gates fully open and water at winter depth by October 22nd.

FLPOA Mid-lake Social